Backcountry Horsemen advocate a combination of service and education to protect our heritage of back country stock use on all public lands.

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Current Events

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Current activities for 2017

This site will updated when new information becomes available.

For insurance reasons, you must be a member of BCHC to participate in work parties, fish plants, trail rides and other activities. You can print out a Membership Application or Event Agreement and Release Waiver (for family only) and bring the completed form with you to sign up at the event.

2018 Backcountry Horsemen of California Rendezvous

The BCHC Rendezvous follows a tradition of gathering together of outdoor enthusiasts. Our event features equine training clinicians, scores of vendors, horse and mule packing seminars, Gentle Use/ Leave No Trace classes, Western Art Show, Awards and Accolades, Dutch Oven Cook-off, Trail Challenge, Beer and Wine tasting, Cowboy Church, Youth Classes, Raffles and Auction. There is always lots to learn, lots of fun, and plenty of horses and mules at the Backcountry Horsemen Rendezvous!

The 2018 Rendezvous will be held on April 13-15, 2018 at the Paso Robles Event Center (Paso Robles Event Center Website) in Paso Robles, CA.

Click on the link for the Rendezvous Registration Packet

2017 Fish Plant Schedule

  • July 7th - Hogan Lake - 1250 fingerlings - Don Menne
  • July 10th - Statute Lake - 500 fingerlings - Dale Payne
  • July 10th - Syphon Lake - 750 fingerlings - Art Hanna
  • July 13th - Lower Hank Wright - 4000 fingerlings - Don Menne
  • July 18th - Marten & Fisher Lakes - 500 fingerlings each - Rhonda Zinkel
  • July 20th - Cliff Lake - 2000 fingerlings - Don Menne
  • July 20th - Summit Lake - 750 fingerlings - Bill Bradshaw
  • July 26th - Rainy & Spirit Lakes - 750 fingerlings each - Don Menne
  • August 1st - Deep Lake - 3000 fingerlings - Bill Kleaver
  • If interested in helping with the fish plant program contact the packer that is in charge of the lake you wish to help.

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    Unit Mentor Program

    Our Continuing Mentoring Opportunities

    Many folks that sign up as members are new to horses and mules, new to riding in the backcountry, or just simply new to northern California and southern Oregon. Over the course of time we have learned that many new members don't participate in group functions primarily because they don't want to 'hold things up' or lack the confidence to enjoy what we do.  We want all members to know that the Education Committee has initiated a Mentor Program that will benefit the Top of the State Unit.

    If you are interested in being mentored by an experienced backcountry horseman (or woman) to gain the skills and confidence you desire, please call Gail Lyons at (530) 467-3137. She will either personally take care of you, or find somebody who knows what you are looking for. Skills that a mentor can teach you include:

      Saddle fit and tack (what works for you)
      Knowing your animal
      What to pack in your saddlebags
      Increasing your enjoyment of your animals
      Loading in a trailer
      Driving with a trailer
      Backing up a trailer
      . . . the list goes on.

    We are also looking for experienced folks within our group to sign up to be mentors.  As a mentor, you can share your knowledge of, and passion for, animals and the backcountry.  Take some time to help members of our unit become more confident backcountry horsemen.  Whether you are experienced or novice, want to teach or learn, please contact our Education Committee. 

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